Green Roofs

Green Roof
Anything Groes can help your business save energy, manage stormwater, reduce heat and create a unique aesthetic with a Green Roof.

What is a Green Roof? also called an eco-roof or living roof; it is an extension of an existing roof that is covered with vegetation and soil or a growing medium. Plants are not planted directly in the ground but rather on top of the roof.
Why install a Green Roof? Green Roofs provide direct and indirect benefits to both the building owner and to the public at large. They are becoming increasingly important in the urban core for a variety of reasons. Essentially, there are 6 advantages for adopting a Green Roof system, as opposed to using the traditional black or white reflective membrane roofs. These advantages are

    1. stormwater management;
    2. reduced energy costs;
    3. reduction of the urban heat island effect;
    4. extension of the life of the roof;
    5. sound insulation; and
    6. aesthetics.

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