If you are new to plant care-taking or simply struggle to remember to water your plants regularly, these plants are for you. If you’ve killed one too many plants to feel confident as a plant parent, have no fear. We know how busy life gets, and how hard it can be to remember to take care of your plants among your many other responsibilities. These are easy, low-maintenance plants that are difficult to kill even if you miss a watering or two.

ZZ plant [Zamioculcas zamiifolia]: The ZZ plant has a fun zig-zag pattern that adds texture to your room with its dark green, shiny leaves. This plant is incredibly easy to care for and it thrives in low-light conditions.

  • Light needs: Indirect low, medium, or bright light.
  • Water needs: Once a week. Do not overwater!

Snake plant [sansevieria]: Commonly called mother-in-law’s tongue for its sharp and pointy leaves, the snake plant is one of the hardiest plants around, tolerating just about any condition. This is the plant for you if you are prone to neglecting your plant babies, as it is drought-tolerant. 

  • Light needs: Prefers bright, indirect light but can handle medium or low indirect light as well.
  • Water needs: Every two weeks, allowing the soil to dry out completely before watering again.

Pothos [Epipremnum aureum] A very flexible plant, pothos grows in most conditions such as in water or dry soil.  It has heart-shaped leaves which grow on long, trailing vines. 

  • Light needs: Prefers bright indirect light, but can also thrive in low or medium indirect light. 
  • Water needs: Every 1-2 weeks. Likes evenly moist soil that dries out slightly between waterings. 

Cast-iron plant [Aspidistra elatior] Care for cast-iron plants is relatively easy as they can survive extreme conditions. It has robust, dark green shiny leaves and will produce small purple or white flowers around the base in the right conditions. 

  • Light needs: Does well in partial shade and low light.
  • Water needs: Every 1-2 weeks. Although they are somewhat drought-tolerant, they like a moderate amount of soil moisture.

Cactus [Cactaceae] Cacti are a classic desert plant that come in many different shapes and sizes. 

  • Light needs: Cacti like bright indirect light, but be careful not to place them in direct sunlight as it can cause them to yellow.
  • Water needs: During the growing season, your cactus should be watered at least once a week. Rainwater is better for watering because the minerals in tap water can disrupt the plant’s absorption of nutrients.

Lucky Bamboo [Dracaena sanderiana] Native to Africa, this plant looks and grows like bamboo but is actually closer to a succulent. These plants are a great addition to desks and offices.

  • Light needs: Bright, filtered sunlight. Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Water needs: Water your bamboo with bottled water or tap water that has been sitting out for 24 hours. Bamboo is sensitive to the chlorine found in tap water. If growing in water, change the water out once a week. 

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Even though you may have a brown thumb and have trouble keeping plants alive, there are plants that can actually thrive from being left alone. With these plants, you will benefit from improved productivity, air quality, and well-being. If you still feel overwhelmed, rely on the experts at Anything Groes to help you select the right plants for your office or home. Feel free to look through our portfolio to see all of our available plants. Let’s chat!

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