Anything Groes is committed to the safety and well-being of our employees as well as the personnel of all of the companies that we partner with in providing interior horticultural services. In addition to our attention to cleanliness in your environment, every day our crews are taking additional measures. They are washing their hands more often, wearing protective gloves, using face masks (as they may be available), sanitizing any surfaces they touch, and using Social Distancing to minimize unnecessary contact with clients and employees out of an abundance of caution. We are also committed to following any procedures that your company may have put in place through this time period. We are actively monitoring any local and nationwide updates and keeping our staff in close communication to take all necessary precautions as the situation develops.

Every day brings new developments related to the virus, and we understand that uncertainty can be unsettling. Our hearts go out to those who have been impacted.

We are requesting that your company maintain open lines of communication with us to navigate any situations that may arise. We have been informed of some office closures and temporary “work from home” measures being taken, and would appreciate any pertinent information about accessibility in regards to your facility.

Under Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s Order, we are an Essential, Life Sustaining Business (see Sec 8 Housing, Buildings and Construction Business) and under Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb’s Order, we are a service provider that provides services necessary to maintain the health and safety of others.

It is important that we have access to your facility in order to ensure the ongoing health of your live plants’ investment. To that end, we are more than happy to make the necessary arrangements to work after normal business hours or on the weekend to accomplish this. We have spoken with many of you already and have made such arrangements. In the event of any office closures, it is also important that light and temperature levels in your facilities be maintained for the health and longevity of the plants. Until further notice and with certain exceptions, for those clients where our access will not be possible (for whatever reason), as long as you continue paying our horticultural services invoice, we will be able to partially honor our guaranteed replacement policy (for those that have this service). And should a replacement need to be made, it shall be done at a 50% rate reduction. Should you decide to discontinue paying for our service, any replacements that need to be made, shall be made at full retail price.

We cannot THANK YOU enough for being a valued and loyal client. We are confident that the measures being taken both nationally and locally will
allow us to get through this very challenging time. Please feel free to contact  me personally or Brenda or Steve in our office should you have any questions.

A positive thought to leave with you:

The living plants in your facility are natural air purifiers and are constantly doing their job to help us all be protected against air-borne pathogens.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy
Craig Lustig

Approved HomeAdvisor Pro - Anything Groes