If you think that buyers are so focused on the house itself that the yard won’t make a difference when selling your home, think again.  When homeowners spend their entire renovation budget making improvements to the interior of the home, neglecting the yard they could be making a huge mistake.  If a potential buyer isn’t attracted to what they see on the outside they may not even bother coming inside.  The outside of the house, particularly the front yard, is what will give a buyer their first impression.  The good news is that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to make the front of your home ready to welcome buyers.

1. Clean Up
Declutter the yard, just as you would the inside of the house. Old falling down swing set, get rid of it.  Broken bird bath? Get rid of it.  Branches still in the yard from last seasons storm?  Get rid of it.  In addition to to cleaning up the yard in general this would also include leaf removal, pulling weeds, and trimming over-grown shrubs. Fresh mulch can go a long way in giving your home more curb appeal.

2. Make the Yard Welcoming
Once you have it all cleaned up you consider some enhancements that could make the yard more appealing. Ideas include new front path lighting, paving stones, cute front porch furniture, and benches in a backyard where many outdoor meals and entertaining will take place.

3. Invest in Ongoing Maintenance
Depending on the market sometimes it takes a while to save a home. Remember to invest in lawn care maintenance for your landscape and keep your grass cut to keep it looking its best as new buyers enter the real estate market.

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