The end of daylight saving time is here, giving us an extra hour of light in the morning as opposed to the evening. As leaves outside are falling, how do you ensure the leaves of your houseplants inside don’t start falling? There are several variables that change when we come into autumn such as lower humidity, lower temps, and fewer hours of daylight. Being proactive and having a plan of care in place will ensure a successful season. Keep reading to learn how to take care of your houseplants in autumn!

  1. Move your plants. As the amount of light each day wanes, you’ll want to place your plants closer to light sources such as windows to keep them happy and thriving.
  2. Set up artificial lights for your plants. If you don’t get a lot of sunlight in your home in the winter you can purchase artificial lights.
  3. Water less. With a reduced ability to photosynthesize, reduce your watering to prevent overwatering.
  4. Get a humidifier. If you live in a drier climate you may need to add more humidity to your environment by purchasing a humidifier or placing your plants in a more humid room such as a bathroom. 
  5. Don’t re-pot. Unless your plant’s roots are spilling out of the pot, wait until spring to re-pot your plants. Moving your plant will cause it unnecessary stress when it is already dealing with the stress of fall. 
  6. Trim/prune. Any dead leaves or excess growth should be removed to allow the plant to focus its limited energy.
  7. Move outdoor plants indoors. When temps go below 55 at night—or preferably before—create a space for your outdoor plants so they have shelter from the elements until spring.  
  8. Wean off on fertilizer. Since your plants will likely not be in an active growing phase, you don’t need to go ham on the fertilizer. Save it for the spring when your plants begin growing again. 
  9. Clean dust off leaves. By removing dust and dirt from leaves, your plant can access more sunlight.
  10. Hire a plant care specialist. If all else fails and you are struggling to keep your houseplants alive in autumn, ask for help. We at Anything Groes LOVE plants and would be happy to help you care for them during this busy season. 

Happy fall! Remember to give extra care to your houseplants in autumn—just because they are inside doesn’t mean they don’t feel the fall changes. Contact us today if you would like any plant care assistance. 

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