Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to be a better plant parent?

We’ve all been guilty of waiting to water a plant too long or choosing the wrong soil type.

But before you buy any more houseplants this year, consider the amount of time and energy you are willing to devote to your plant children.

To help you ring in the new year with a bit more caretaking skills, follow our tips below and up your plant-care game!

  1. Make it easy on yourself. Use a timer that automatically waters your plants, or schedule it on your calendar.
  2. Make sure your plants are positioned properly for optimal light. If you live in a building with limited light, consider getting a grow light or purchasing plants that do ok in low light such as philodendrons.
  3. Choose plants that like to be neglected a little. Some plants actually thrive on neglect. Peace lilies, succulents, ZZ plant, and pothos are all excellent choices for people low on time but still want to have some natural decor in their homes or offices.
  4. Pay attention to signs your plants aren’t doing well. Drooping leaves, yellowing or browning of leaves and leaves falling off can indicate illness in the plant.
  5. Know your plant’s water needs. One useful tip for checking on how wet the soil: use a toothpick for small pots or a wooden chopstick for larger pots to poke through the soil and see if it comes back out soaked. If it’s completely dry the plant needs watering. Be careful not to disrupt the root system.
  6. Know when to repot. Are you seeing roots come out of the bottom of the pot? Repot in a bigger pot, but one that isn’t too much bigger, about two inches if possible.
  7. Feed your plants. Most soil has plant food but overtime the soil degrades so you’ll want to fertilize it about once a month.
  8. Get someone else to help (us!) Don’t stress if you can’t keep up with plant care on your own! Hire a plant “sitter” who can maintain and ensure the growth and well-being of your plants.

Reach out to Anything Groes today if you have any questions!

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