Indoor plants can be used as accent pieces, making your spaces more appealing and aiding your mental and physical health.

Live plants in your office or home give you the best of both worlds. They provide a design element along with cleaner air.

Welcome your guests to a colorful and relaxing atmosphere. Here are some of the benefits of incorporating plants into your interior design and ways you can design with plants.


Adds Color.

Did you know, that the color green is successful at helping people adjust to and feel comfortable in new environments? It’s also related to broader thinking and creativity, making green the perfect color for hotels, schools, and any work atmosphere. The color green in the workplace has also been shown to increase productivity.

Effortless Art.

Curating art and décor can be a fun but sometimes draining process. With plants, you don’t have to worry as much; they are art themselves! Mother nature is truly the best artist out there.

Tantalizing Texture.

Texture as a design element is all about the appearance of perceived surface quality. Plants can be a part of this element naturally, adding shine, jagged edges, bold leaves, and fine, coarse, or even fuzzy texture. Some plants just make you want to touch them! The texture of plants calls for an interactive experience that fully immerses the senses.

Make a Statement.

In an otherwise clean or sparse design, large plants can add interest. Large plants can act as an anchor, holding attention in an area that may look a little bland and uninspiring.

Plants as Natural Barriers.

In a co-working space or even in smaller homes, adding a visual divider between functional areas provides privacy and eases the mind.


Plant Interior Design Services by Anything Groes

Are you missing a natural element in your space?

Consider adding plants to your space. While art and décor and furnishings are important, plants are wonderful additions to your interior design and can complement almost any style. Plants fill both a fun decorative function and a health-boosting function. Call us today to discuss your interior design and how Anything Groes can help add a touch of color and life to your space: (502) 241-5854.

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