Indoor Plants in Louisville, KY

Indoor Plants in Louisville, KYAnything Groes offers creative indoor plant designs for every environment.  We can incorporate indoor plants into any space, big or small, from an airport to an office waiting room. We evaluate the natural light, temperature, and airflow conditions in order to select the highest quality, live indoor plants for your environment. Similarly, we look at floor and wall coverings, and furniture to make decorative container recommendations so that your indoor plants will look right at home with the decor.

Anything Groes offers the option to purchase or rent live plants and containers. Our guaranteed horticultural service provides for regular visits by one of our trained and certified horticultural technicians who water, prune, clean, fertilize and otherwise care for the live plants. With this service, our company, AT NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU, shall replace any plant that does not remain healthy and attractive.

In addition to containerscaping, we also can also take your addition of live plants to the next leave with moss walls and green walls.  Green Walls are a great way to bring live plants and greenery into an indoor space. Sometimes referred to as plant walls, vertical gardens, or living walls they are currently one of the hottest trends in environmental friendly buildings. Moss Walls are living walls that are made up of moss and plants. These green walls can brighten your space by bringing the outdoor inside. Moss walls are fairly versatile allowing your to create wall space that is unique to your space.


Naturally, plants have the unique ability to humanize an office, encourage productivity, stimulate the mind, and promote creativity. By exchanging fresh oxygen for stale carbon dioxide and other harmful toxins, plants clean the air we breathe. Removal of such pollutants has been shown to decrease absenteeism and contributes to overall health.

If you are looking for live plants in Louisville, KY for your office space or commercial building, give Anything Groes a call today.  Follow us on Facebook!

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