This month’s blog is for our lazy houseplant owners and gardeners alike. A brown thumb isn’t the end of the world. Taking good care of your plant children is no easy feat—implement some of these plant care hacks to save yourself time and energy.

  • Grow lights.
    • Whether you have a home with less-than-ideal light or houseplants that love to soak up the sun, this is a good solution for indoor plants that simply don’t get enough sunlight throughout the day.
  • Low-need plants.
    • If you struggle to remember watering and feeding schedules you may need to look into tolerant plants like pothos, spider plants, succulents, and snake plants.
  • Plant food spikes.
    • Struggle to give your plants fertilizer when they need it? You can purchase plant food spikes to do the job for you.
  • Self-watering spikes.
    • Never worry about if your plants need water while you’re away on vacation with self-watering spikes. Simply stick these in the soil and let the plants take care of themselves.
  • Weed out weeds.
    • There are a few ways you can reduce the time and back-breaking effort required to annihilate those pesky weeds. Bake them by placing black plastic on top of them. The black draws in heat from the sunlight and will scorch any unruly weeds. If you’re not interested in trying this method, you could also try mulch to cover the ground and starve them of the sunlight they need to grow or spritz vinegar to make the soil inhospitable.
  • Perennial plants.
    • Perennial plants take initial effort to plant but after this work is done you can often enjoy the regrowth of these plants every year.
  • Xeriscape.
    • A fuss-free garden can be achieved by selecting hardier plants. This is the idea behind a xeriscape, a style of gardening that requires little to no maintenance or irrigation. This type of garden is commonly found in arid regions.
  • Irrigation system.
    • Never leave your plants thirsty with an irrigation system. It can be as simple or as complicated as you desire. You can even use a timer to water your garden on a set schedule.
  • Ollas.
    • An olla is an unglazed pot that you bury in the ground and fill with water. Similar to self-watering spikes, the plants’ roots can pull water as they need it.

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Remember to enjoy the process, relax, and use common sense. Work smarter, not harder! Save yourself some manual labor by trying some of these tricks. 

If tending to your plants is too much work to fit into your busy schedule, we can help! Don’t stress if you can’t be the perfect plant parent. The Anything Groes team comprises plant professionals who can provide expert care to your garden or houseplants. Just give us a call if you ever need a hand!

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