Adding green to your space means more than just setting a plant in a corner of your office or on your desktop. If you want to have a space that is balanced and energizing, you’ll need to think about proper plant placement. 

In addition to placing plants where they can have the appropriate sunlight, soil, and moisture, you also need to consider aesthetics and the surrounding environment. 

While it’s great to be focused on how the plants will look visually, plant health and growing conditions should always come first. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind when adding plants to your indoor or outdoor space.

  1. Plant growth. Seems obvious, but this factor is often overlooked. You will need to account for the growth rate and size of your plan and avoid crowding plants. You may want a lush and full garden or container, but what once may be teeny tiny can easily spread over a larger area. Plant them with future growth in mind. This is especially important for trees, which need plenty of room below and around the trees for roots. If you leave too little room for a tree to grow you may run the risk of splitting hardened surfaces. 
  2. Proximity to buildings or other structures. As mentioned above, you want to account for the future growth of the plant. A plant or tree that is too close to a building may compromise the condition of the building so it’s best to avoid placing anything too close.
  3. Plants with different needs. Plants with similar needs should be placed together to make plant care such as watering and fertilizing easier. 
  4. Make the room appear bigger by placing plants on windowsills or installing hanging potted plants. Just be sure to consider the height of your hanging plants for tall folks who may bump their heads.

Unsure about proper plant placement?

Call Anything Groes for Professional Plantscaping Services in the Louisville, KY area. Since 1978, we’ve provided clients creative plant designs for every environment with services ranging from interior plant services to green roofs. We can give you advice on caring for your plants and evaluate your surroundings for happy, healthy plants. 

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