Energy costs continue to creep up while at the same time the Earth is getting warmer, a true double whammy for your wallet. Besides the financial and environmental impact, heat waves are dangerous for people, especially in urban city centers where concrete dominates and trees are sparse. 

Did you know there is a solution to this? 

One way to combat this and be a part of the solution is to install a green roof.

How It Works 

Green roofs are lightweight roofing systems supporting plants located on top of buildings. Green roofs consist of several layers including a waterproof membrane to protect the building, a leak detection system, a growing medium, a root-resistant layer, a drainage layer, and of course, the plants themselves, carefully chosen to be hardy and heat tolerant. 

Green roofs’ main function is to cool buildings in urban centers which are often plagued by the Urban Heat Island Index. Concrete and asphalt absorb heat whereas vegetation provides evaporative cooling to counteract this effect. 


  • Holds rainwater (fewer leaks)
  • Adds oxygen to the atmosphere
  • Conserves energy + costs for heating and cooling
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Aids biodiversity and habitat
  • Reduces Urban Heat Island Index effect
  • Better overall roof longevity

While there are upfront costs to installing a green roof, in time this investment pays itself off and benefits the local ecology as well. You are creating a habitat for pollinators who serve the important role of making our Earth pretty and habitable.

Each green roof is specially engineered and designed to fit your unique specifications and needs.

How Long Do They Last?

A standard green roof can double or even triple the lifespan of a typical roof. Considering the cost of replacing a roof, this makes for a sound investment over time. The U.S. General Services Administration has estimated that green roofs on commercial and public structures provide a ROI of 224% based on 50-year average annual savings. 

Green Roof Installation in Louisville, KY Area

Designed to reduce cooling costs and beautify buildings, green roofs are an effective long-term solution for lowering your building’s environmental impact while maintaining a visually-pleasing space. Green spaces don’t have to be limited to gardens and indoor plants. At Anything Groes, we can help you think outside the box and green-ify your building for the betterment of your community’s health. Give us a call at (502) 241-5854 or visit us online

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